Toronto restaurant owner jokes about hiring people for $1million an hour to lure staff


A Toronto restaurant owner recently posted a job ad joking that he was hiring people for a $1 million an hour pay rate, to mixed responses from the hospitality community.

“We’re looking for some really awesome BOH staff to add to our already awesome team. $1,000,000.00/hour,” reads Century Park Tavern owner Paul Marshall’s post in the local Food and Wine Industry Navigator Facebook group.

While some people were a little wary of the staff-attracting strategy, most people took the joke lightly.

“Does this sound like a flippant comment about band members asking for pay transparency?” someone asked. “I think it’s more of a joke,” someone replied. “Coldness.”

Most people were joking in the comments on the post.

“Sounds good, but I can only work an hour a week,” someone commented. “Before or after taxes? someone else said. “No benefits? Horrible employer. Shame, shame,” someone remarked sarcastically.

Other people had joking comments that still reflected the state of the industry where hiring and finding good jobs is a roller coaster ride right now:

“You’ll still have 20 absences for an interview”, “how many unpaid training shifts do I have to do…before I get fired?” and “You’ll get 20 applicants, but only one will show up for the scheduled interview and then ask if you have an open bar position instead.”

Marshall confirms that the staffing landscape is bleak right now, and that’s why he created the jokey post: A previous serious post received no response.

“I decided to post this to at least elicit any sort of response or reaction to at least see if anyone reads or hears me,” Marshall told blogTO.

“I think society has realized that no matter what you put online you’re obviously going to have people with negative comments, it just comes with human nature now so you can’t really care about that.”

The best part is that the post actually worked.

“I happened to get some really great resumes that turned into two awesome new hires and that’s all I was really looking for,” Marshall says.

“It’s hard to find great people and at Love Chix and Century Park Tavern we’ve had very limited staff turnover over the past six years, so we just need to add a few good pieces here and there. “


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