The pandemic and the economy hit the restaurant industry hard


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In the era of COVID-19, an employee shortage is bringing many American restaurateurs to the brink. Labor shortages at every stage of the Supply Chain means restaurateurs have to pay a lot more.

Ezequiel Fuentes, the owner of Mi Tierra restaurant in La Villita in Chicago, is very concerned about the crisis.

“I had to pay 25 to 40% more on supplies over pre-pandemic prices,” said Fuentes, who has invested in 32 more restaurants.

He says workforce issues abound not only in restaurants but also in the food production centers that supply them.

“They are facing the same problem. This phenomenon has caused a chain reaction: the slowdown in production is impacting prices and the entire industry, ”said Fuentes.

He thinks the problem is “people don’t want to work”.

Ezequiel Fuentes says restaurant owners face significant challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the employee shortage it has triggered. (Negotiate now)

Even as customers return to restaurants, the industry has been hit by rising prices for food and supplies, even on uniforms.

In one letter in Congress, National Association of Restaurateurs warned that the recovery was losing ground.

“The deterioration in business conditions is having an impact on the prospects of operators to the point that they declare that a recovery from the pandemic will last until 2022,” the association said.

Letter to Congress reveals discouraging results of latest restaurant owner survey and warns of possible dangers of certain provisions of government law Rebuild better framework on the revival of the restaurant industry.

The letter also asks Congress not to increase taxes on this sector, as the framework provides.

Most full-service and limited-service operators say market conditions are worse than three months ago, according to the association.

“Our nation’s restaurant recovery is officially in reverse,” said Sean Kennedy, executive vice president of the National Restaurant Association.

Roberto Gómez, the owner of Don Pepe restaurant in south Chicago, said in addition to prices, restaurant owners have seen their wages increase to $ 15 an hour.

“We had to adjust our prices to take into account rising supply prices and increasing employee wages. It is good that consumers are aware of this new challenge we are facing, ”he said.

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