The architects design a restaurant themed around Jack and the Beanstalk story.


UNI announces the results of the international design competition “Jack and the Giant Hotel”.

As we wander the streets, we are overwhelmed by the aromas emanating from the fine dining establishments we pass. Whether in cafes, lounges or restaurants, we can see people celebrating and enjoying social activities. Restaurants, in contemporary times, have far more important effects than their social characteristics. This industry is capable of shaping the city, its culture and the economy in general. Bustling city streets with restaurants make for good neighborhoods. Today, these forms of restaurants have experimented with the foods and moods of their joints, creating countless possibilities for an immersive dining experience. Technology has allowed us to personalize the user experience, bringing thematic establishments to market.

“Jack and the Beanstalk” is a well-known fairy tale from Britain. It’s the story of Jack, and how he discovers the land of a “giant” in the sky, which is reached by magic bean stalks. As Jack moves through the giant’s world, we see how he sees and experiences things in new ways. Giants are common “otherworldly” creatures in British folklore, believed to be human ancestors. Although it is a myth, it is exciting to imagine what the world, our cities, would look like if we existed with the Giants. This idea is similar to the concept of the worm’s eye view.

The challenge was to design a “Giant” restaurant, based on the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk”, where everything is gigantic, compared to human scale. This challenge was a game about perception. By using the right tools, the scale of items could be altered with a skewed view and the image they create. The idea was for visitors to experience sailing and dining in a colossal environment, where any sense of privacy and security can feel lost.

The competition jury was made up of well-known designers, professionals and academics from around the world. The main jury of the competition was Reutov Dmitri(Chief Designer, ReutovDesign studio, Russia).

Some of the projects in the Best of competition are:

Winning project: The Faba Restaurant

By: Natalia Suchy, Ewelina Palka & Monika Marszoł

Description: Faba restaurant was created with accommodation for customers of all ages. In the project, we paid special attention to the human-nature relationship and its impact on the human body. The story of Jack and the Beanstalk was an important aspect, as we felt extremely inspired by the young hero’s climbing on the plant and how he experienced the space.

Jury comments: Very good concept and adapted to users – fun and playful. Beautiful presentation. Modular systems provide good grouping of spaces, although scalar variations could have provided more functional spaces for various programs.

People’s choice: The jungle

By: Yoojin Kim & Cathy Dong

Description: “The Jungle” approaches the realm of the giants with the scale play of an everyday object, and thus creates an intimidating fantasy world. The gigantic qualities of the building and the bridge are meant to draw people in by activating curiosity and causing just the right amount of intimidation.

Jury Comment: Very convoluted and unresolved building, but results in some interesting new places that would be suitable for children. Complex and ambitious concept and form that could use more elaborate designs and representations.

Editors Choice: expanded

By: Angy Elderiny & Yara Hesham

Description: An architectural interpretation of a restaurant inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk. The curiosity of exploring a new world and the reality of not fitting in perfectly.

Jury Comment: The interiors are interesting and designed with children in mind. Details well developed but overall concept and spaces not as well developed.

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