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Formula 1 vegan champion Lewis Hamilton is launching a chain of vegan burgers starting with a location in London.

The new animal lover’s business named Neat Burger has ambitions to open 14 locations around the world over the next two years.

Hamilton is working with Beyond Meat investor Tommaso Chiabra and hotel company The Cream Group to launch the herbal offering on Princes Street on September 2.

“Neat Burger promises to transform the way people view plant-based foods by attracting not only those on plant-based diets, but also all individuals – meat eaters included – who want delicious food, meat free, more sustainable and healthier. and ethics, ”the company revealed.

The menu, which was created in collaboration with the Beyond Meat chefs, will include “the pure, the cheese and the chicken” as well as a plant-based hot dog.

“I’m very passionate about being kinder to our world and I also really respect Neat Burger’s commitment to more ethical practices and supporting small businesses, so that’s something I’m very fond of as well. proud to support, ”said Hamilton.

“But it’s also a question of the product. As a plant-based dieter, I think we need a healthier street option that tastes amazing but also offers something exciting for those who want to be meatless for a long time. in time.

Pure burger will also feature Jaden Smith’s eco-friendly Just Water as well as a range of ethical soft drinks, vegan ice creams and coconut milkshakes.

Tommaso Chiabra added: “The meat industry is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and its environmental impact is no longer sustainable with population growth. Neat Burger aims to disrupt the unsustainable food industry and become a force for good.

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