Las Vegas restaurant professionals talk about their hopes for the restaurant industry in 2021


Following an Eater tradition, we asked a group of food critics, journalists, bloggers and friends of the site to comment on the culinary year. Their responses to the annual report Year in eater The investigation will be revealed in several articles. Next, restaurant professionals talk about their hopes for the restaurant industry in 2021.

What is your greatest hope for restoration in 2021?

Sonja swanson, gastronomic and cultural writer: I really hope people get their jobs and businesses back – working in restaurants is hard, hard work and we only see the tip of the iceberg from our seats in the dining room.

Louiie Victa, Eater Vegas photographer and co-host of Two sharp heads and a microphone: Restaurants simply won’t exist without customers. All of this rebuilding wouldn’t be possible without customers coming back to enjoy the food scene once again. It’s just the basic equation. So in essence everyone has to help everyone during the rebuild. Support local small businesses because they are hanging on by a thin thread. Support in any way you can. Buy food and drink from restaurants, whether you are dining out or at home. Any little bit helps add to the bottom line.

I really hope more people come looking for dining experiences rather than take out in 2021. Because of COVID, quick and casual concepts are thriving, but food concepts are really suffering. I really hope that the vaccine is effective in crushing COVID and that more people return to work and their normal routine. I just can’t imagine a world without dining rooms or the ability to share great food with other people. The idea of ​​this is just too scary.

Lorraine Moss, co-host of Two sharp heads and a microphone: Hope we can survive. And at some point, I pray that we can start making a profit again.

Nina Roi, Las Vegas Magazine editor-in-chief: Recovery. And, selfishly, I hope every restaurant puts a new emphasis on plant-based eating.

Melinda Sheckells, editor, I hope for financial relief, a speedy recovery and a return to prosperity.

Diana Edelman, founder Vegan, Baby: That he is able to come back and rebuild himself. And also that more of the industry is starting to add plant-based options to their menu and experiment with these dishes.

Scott Roeben, Vital Vegas: Let’s see a V-shaped recovery! I predict there is a lot of pent-up demand for restaurants in Las Vegas and Las Vegas so hopefully the New Year brings with it a restaurant boom. Nothing is certain at this time, but optimism has been a big part of dealing with the seemingly endless supply of bad news in 2020. In 2021, I hope customers enjoy their favorite places more and restaurants enjoy more their customers in return. One giant hope is that we can dig into the tipping practice yard. This custom is questionable because it puts the pressure of employee compensation on customers directly. It is an outdated and unreliable practice, and it does little to improve service. Oh, and another hope for 2021 is that restaurants will be quieter again! It was a good thing to reduce capacity. The ability to carry on a conversation has been refreshing and I hope restaurants do more to turn off TVs, turn down the music, and build sound-absorbing interiors so customers can do what they enjoy most in restaurants. and beyond, connecting with others.

Melanie Lee, Eater Vegas: Fewer closures of local favorites. I know it can be wishful thinking, but after seeing so many family / local spots struggling in 2020, I would like to see this trend slow down in 2021.

Bob Barnes, Editor-in-Chief of The Las Vegas Food and Beverage Professional and Las Vegas writer for Gayot: My greatest hope is that restaurants learn from the pandemic what business practices are effective in helping them survive in the most difficult situations so that they can endure and excel even more once things return to some sort of normalcy.

Ken Miller, Editor-in-Chief of Las Vegas Magazine: That when he reappears completely, that he continue the security protocols currently practiced. We’re a long way from being out of the woods with COVID, and we just can’t go back to business as usual.

Philip Tzeng, food blogger at Las Vegas filling: The same as everyone! A vaccine that works and fills restaurants with talented staff doing what they do best.

Krista Diamond, freelance writer at Eater Vegas: The end of the virus and a series of very, very big celebrations.

Rob kachelriess, writer from Las Vegas to thrill: Sadly, 2020 will be remembered as the year America let go and failed to tackle a common challenge. Instead of rallying with each other, we politicized a virus while leaving people and businesses to fend for themselves, whether blocked or forced to function in limited ways. I would like to see a greater mix of compassion and personal responsibility so that restaurants and other businesses can thrive. I also hope people leave Twitter and Facebook alone for a while and enjoy the company of real people again. And there’s no better way to do it than a drink or a good meal.

Susan Stapleton, Editor-in-Chief of Eater Vegas: I hope there will be more financial relief for restaurants in the near future. This pandemic is far from over, and I hope restaurants continue to come up with innovative ways to stay afloat while ensuring the safety of staff and diners in the meantime. We will be there to tell their stories.

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